Jobs / Employment / Placement on full-time or part-time or temporary basis and casual / temporary one -time Assignments, Projects, Contracts are advertised everywhere in the media.

Some Charitable institutions also require volunteers to work on No Salary basis.

We will keep you informed of some of them sent to us by the prospective employers, which may be some reputed multi-national corporations, private ltd. companies, partnership or proprietary firms and no charges to the candidates.

Work from Home is another type of employment in this COVID-19 Era.

We will have some advertisements to be sent by SMS, MMS and e-mail etc. on behalf of our clients and the terms and conditions thereof shall also be informed. Contact us if you are interested.

(This facility is available only to the Paid members, although we also register Free members and display their information without the contact details at this website)


From time to time we will come up with some kind of advertisement campaigns in which you can join for sending Group SMS, Group MMS and Group e-mails to the given phone numbers or e-mail IDs, as per the given sample.

This job can be done easily from the comfort of your home.

Even the school-going kids, housewives, senior citizens, bed-ridden patients and physically handicapped persons can do it if they have a Smartphone.

Later on we will announce some other projects as they become available, in that the Data-Entry jobs may be at the client's premises or in some very rare cases you can do it from home.

Tele-calling cum Data-Entry:-

We may have some phone calls to be made and data collected from the relevant people for our own or our clients'commercial pur by Watch out for the relevant announcement at this website from time to time on a weekly basis for participating in such campaigns.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in such announced projects.

However, remember that your membership is valid only for 3 months and at the end of that term, you will be unable to get such new assignments or an extra time to complete the unfinished assignments.

If you want a second chance, you will have to get a Paid Registration again.

This time limit applies to all the services and facilities we offer through this website.